Intensely Smoked Sea Salt

  • As delightful as its name, Cool Breeze is sea salt invested with natural orange and lemon peel and imbued with fresh micronized mojito mint, infused for 3 moths, then slow-smoked with delicately flavorful apple wood.  The ideal smoked salt for sea food, chicken and pork, or veggies and salads, and a rich and creative rimmer for cocktails.
  • Brush Fire is both an INFUSED (for 3 long months) and INTENSELY smoked sea salt.  BooYAH!'s unique infusion involves  garden-fresh sage micronized together with Indy’s own The Royal Frenchmen Tea Company's Lapsang Souchong (black) tea, and finally Black Cherrywood slow-smoked.  This savory seasoning is perfect for a red meat or ribs rub or added to any dish that wants depth and warmth.  This is the smoked salt that’ll set the world on fire!
  • Quite simply, INTENSELY (5 days!) hickory smoked refined sea salt, small batched using both hot and cold smoking methods to achieve its rich flavoring, dense aroma and gorgeous caramel color.   Take your chili, rich bisque or chowder, tacos or fijitas to the next level!  Perfect for meat rubs to add depth, or used as a finishing salt.  Wonderful as a salt rim on clever cocktails.
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