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    The first crisp days of autumn, the stunning display of color when the leaves are changing, that quiet, beautiful first snow…All good, but inevitably Winter’s doldrums set in.  Take time to remind yourself that this, too, shall pass and embrace the chill. Now, if you happen to be living in warmer climates, as I did for 20 years, there will be gray days, colder days, rainy days.  These are the days we bake, we drink red wine, we love our sweaters and jackets and close-toed shoes.  You, too, should embrace the chill! Includes: Lady Apply Toddy Shrub, Cranberry Chocolate Cherry Bomb Shrub, Penicillin Shrub, Poached Pear Shrub
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    The quirky human nature too often wants to hark back.  There’s never a bad time to wallow in summer nostalgia, so BooYah! Shrubs offers a sampler pack that let’s your taste buds lead you. Includes: Brandy Snap Fruit Salad Shrub, Asian Banana Coconut and Longan Fruit Shrub, Peach Honey Shrub, The Royal Blush Shrub


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