Shrubs for Health

  • BooYAH! created the Warrior shrub essentially for increased energy.  Yet each selected ingredient has a plethora of health benefits as well as working together for a delicious flavor.  Fresh white peaches and Korean red ginseng are the heart of Warrior, with accents of herb bed basil and ginger root and a kiss of local honey!  With the on-set of deep-into-winter blues and days of grey skies, Warrior is a true pick-me-up!
  • Pineapple, oranges and bananas are fruits which help with digestion.   The apple cider vinegar (ACV) base taken on a daily basis (a tablespoon to a traditional "shot") works to correct the body's pH imbalance, a key part of digestive issues.  Additionally, the ACV regimen helps to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and build the body's immune system.  Fresh ginger root and cardamom are also beneficial to the digestive system.  Stress -- and these are indeed stressful times -- is a major factor behind indigestion and digestive issues.  Why not incorporate this health-packed shrub into your daily routine?
  • Three P's was designed as a blend to promote good gastral health.  The health benefits of each ingredient on its own are sizable.  Pomegranate is high in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, and is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  Together with the apple cider vinegar (ACV) base, these elements can assist in lowering blood pressure if taken daily.  Pineapple is an excellent fruit for aiding digestion and boosting immunity.  The ACV also assists in boosting immunity.  And peppercorns are high in anti-oxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.  Black peppercorns may help control blood sugar level and may lower cholesterol levels, as does a daily intake of ACV.  Isn't nature marvelous?!
  • The Royal Blush is a blend of 7 berries all very high in anti-oxidants.  Rich in flavor, like a concentrated berry juice, The Royal Blush provides an intense boost of great-tasting to a simple bottled water or glass of ice water.  As a refreshing beverage, try a shot in an tall glass of club soda and ice.  The Royal Blush is an easy on-its-own for the daily apple cider vinegar (ACV) sipping regimen -- take 1 tbsp - 1 oz shot 1-2x daily.  Try to keep your regimen about the same time each day to help in balancing ("recalibrating") the body's pH.
  • Turmeric (one of nature's most versatile health beneficials), American Ginseng, local honey and bee pollen, and African blue basil all serve to increase energy.  But to give this shrub its "YUM!" factor we've infused stimulating blueberries and pomegranate.  Make Start Me Up an essential start to your day!
  • Singing in the rain is a complex blend of blueberries, lemons and pomegranate together with throat-soothing spices (ginger root, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves ) turmeric and equally soothing botanicals and sweetened with local honey.  Much like BooYAH!'s Penicillin, the ingredients  were carefully selected to assist with allergies, sooth cold and flu related symptoms, and to aid those who frequently exercise their vocal cords -- teachers, singers, public speakers, coaches...
  • A member of BooYAH! Shrubs' health-targeted shrub collection Placation is a blend of the hybrid cucumber melon, fresh garden rosemary and white turmeric.  Cucumbers, melons, rosemary and the multi-beneficial turmeric all assist as an anti-inflammatory aid.  Light and refreshing in flavor.
  • With allergy season upon us, and although BooYAH!'s Penicillin shrub was designed for the winter flu and cold season, our fans and followers found that it also works extremely well for calming and combating allergy symptoms.  Additionally, consuming local honey (created by our faithful and hard-working bees utilizing local pollen) is a good way to lessen pollen-related allergies.  Warmed in hot tea, Penicillin is soothing, but a straight shot each morning and evening is the recommended for keeping those nasty symptoms at bay.
  • Turmeric offers an ABUNDANCE of health beneficials and stated to be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.  If you've never looked into the advantages of adding turmeric to your daily health routine, take a minute and check it out.  No Woman, No Cry combines orange turmeric with mangoes and lemons, both said to have anti-inflammatory properties, and the sweet balance is from local honey.  This is a perfect shrub to add to kombucha as it enhances flavor and smooths out the kombucha's "bite."
  • Did you know that oranges are a natural stess-easer?  Floral and tangy, Lull is a perfect twice-a-day apple cider vinegar (AVC) sipping regimen shrub.  Start the day with a traditional 1oz shot and end each day with the same, perhaps bolstering the calming effect with a chamomile or blueberry-green tea.  Your heart will thank you.  Your digestive system will thank you.  And the AVC, taken regularly, works to build the body's immune system while also lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Knock It Off! is a complex blend of roots, herbs and spices selected for their ability to break down mucus and ward off bad bacteria.  To make these natural, but not always pleasant-tasting botanicals palatable, the shrub incorporates local honey and 3 high Vitamin C fruits -- lemons, oranges and dark sweet cherries.  Think about keeping Knock It Off! in your medicine cabinet for those times when you feel a head cold or allergies coming on.
  • The 3 key ingredients in Just My Imagination -- grapefruit, fresh garden rosemary and black peppercorns -- have properties to stimulate brain function.  Whether gray-day blues or feeling a bit sluggish, a shot of Just My Imagination can help light things up.  This shrub is an ideal compliment to kombucha or simply to flavor your bottled water.  Now get up, get moving, go outside and breathe fresh air!


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