Shrubs for Health

  • Seeking relief from stress?  Blueberries (know for their calming properties) are infused with 3 equally calming flowers -- lavender, chamomile and passion flower.  In their healthy apple cider vinegar (ACV) base, the result is a fragrant, quieting, flavorful shrub ideal for adding to an evening hot tea.  Looking for a way to ease tension during these disquieting times?  Add a shot of 3 Flowers 4 Calm to a hydrating glass of ice water.  The ACV, taken on a daily basis, will also help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, ease digestive issue and help balance the body's pH.
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    Whether in cold and flu season, or battling seasonal allergies, nature has graciously provided us with so many resources for health.  FIRE CIDER is an old folk remedy chock full of ingredients designed to combat harmful bacteria.  Root vegetables, turmeric, citrus fruits, garden herbs and local honey together have a warm and spicy kick.  KNOCK IT OFF, based on the Tibetan medical 3-point philosophy is designed to push back the onset of a cold.  9 spices, herbs and root vegetables are combined with 3 high Vitamin C fruits and lightly sweetened with local honey.  PENICILLIN, humorously based on a cocktail bearing the name, draws together fresh lemons, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger root and local honey.  A sure-thing sinus and throat soother that's also been helping many of BooYAH!'s customers with allergies.   THE ROYAL BLUSH is a complex blend of 7 very high antioxidant berries.
  • Fire Cider, generally speaking, is an old folk remedy for immunity with its carefully selected ingredients being "bad" bacteria fighters.  When approaching a weather or season shift, a tablespoon of Fire Cider would be taken daily for several days to a week to assist in warding off illnesses common to the onset of a wet or a cold weather period.  BooYAH!'s Fire Cider is actually delicious as well as being incredibly healthy!  Local honey is used to sweeten our recipe, which may ease allergy symptom for local folk.
  • A bevy of body-fluid balancing fruits including juicy apricots, oranges and cantaloupe infused in a base of healthy apple cider vinegar (AVC) together with the healthful alfalfa leaf, nettle and dandelion leaf.  Go With the Flow is not designed to be a diuretic, but rather to assist in maintaining healthy body fluid balance.   This is a great shrub for those with digestive issues. 
  • Be kind to your heart!   This shrub, designed by a local herbologist, combines 3 excellent, natural ingredients with proven heart-health benefits:  sweet summer strawberries, tart hawthorne berries and fragrant cardamom.  The sweet-tart fruits infused in an apple cider vinegar (ACV) base, are balanced by a touch of raw (demerara) sugar.
  • The unique and healthful jack fruit is the base for BooYAH!'s energizing shrub.  Jack fruit tastes like the marriage of strawberries and bananas.  It's popular among vegans and vegetarians with its ability to be cooked to a texture similar to pulled pork.  Infused with the jack fruit in its base of apple cider vinegar (ACV) is fresh ginger root, fresh sesame leaf and American ginseng.  Exotic in taste.  Introduce to your morning or exercise routine for a energizing boost!
  • The 3 key ingredients in Just My Imagination -- grapefruit, fresh garden rosemary and black peppercorns -- have properties to stimulate brain function.  Whether gray-day blues or feeling a bit sluggish, a shot of Just My Imagination can help light things up.  This shrub is an ideal compliment to kombucha or simply to flavor your bottled water.  Now get up, get moving, go outside and breathe fresh air!
  • Knock It Off! is a complex blend of roots, herbs and spices selected for their ability to break down mucus and ward off bad bacteria.  To make these natural, but not always pleasant-tasting botanicals palatable, the shrub incorporates local honey and 3 high Vitamin C fruits -- lemons, oranges and dark sweet cherries.  Think about keeping Knock It Off! in your medicine cabinet for those times when you feel a head cold or allergies coming on.
  • Did you know that oranges are a natural stess-easer?  Floral and tangy, Lull is a perfect twice-a-day apple cider vinegar (AVC) sipping regimen shrub.  Start the day with a traditional 1oz shot and end each day with the same, perhaps bolstering the calming effect with a chamomile or blueberry-green tea.  Your heart will thank you.  Your digestive system will thank you.  And the AVC, taken regularly, works to build the body's immune system while also lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Turmeric offers an ABUNDANCE of health beneficials and stated to be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.  If you've never looked into the advantages of adding turmeric to your daily health routine, take a minute and check it out.  No Woman, No Cry combines orange turmeric with mangoes and lemons, both said to have anti-inflammatory properties, and the sweet balance is from local honey.  This is a perfect shrub to add to kombucha as it enhances flavor and smooths out the kombucha's "bite."
  • With allergy season upon us, and although BooYAH!'s Penicillin shrub was designed for the winter flu and cold season, our fans and followers found that it also works extremely well for calming and combating allergy symptoms.  Additionally, consuming local honey (created by our faithful and hard-working bees utilizing local pollen) is a good way to lessen pollen-related allergies.  Warmed in hot tea, Penicillin is soothing, but a straight shot each morning and evening is the recommended for keeping those nasty symptoms at bay.
  • A member of BooYAH! Shrubs' health-targeted shrub collection Placation is a blend of the hybrid cucumber melon, fresh garden rosemary and white turmeric.  Cucumbers, melons, rosemary and the multi-beneficial turmeric all assist as an anti-inflammatory aid.  Light and refreshing in flavor.


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