Specially Priced Shrub 4-packs

  • Explore the culinary world of flavors!  BooYAH!'s Exotic Vacation shrub brings together yellow mango and mouth-puckering fresh lime leaf and infuses healthy ginger root and turmeric.  Simply add to your bottled water or try cocktailing with tequila.  Turning Japanese was inspired by Asian pears.  What to do with these?  We researched to find compatible ingredients common to Japanese cuisine and carefully selected sweet apples to compliment the pears, ginger root and cardamom, yellow mustard seed and banana peppers, rice vinegar in addition to the apple cider vinegar, and beet sugar and simple saffron syrup for the sweetening agents.  Wow!  Try a 1-to-1-to-1 shot ration of this shrub with sake and plum wine.  A typical sake urn will hold 6 shots.  Warm in the microwave for 1 minute and sip on this nose candy.  Grandchester Meadow.  How to translate the lovely, sweet Pink Floyd melody into a flavor?  Raspberries and blueberries and rose buds sweetened with natural English Toffee Syrup!  Fabulous in Earl Grey.  Make a stunning martini with equal portions toffee or berry flavored vodka and shrub.  But what would a world tour be without the Pacific Coast?  California Dreamin' is a blend of honeycrisp apples and cherry plums enlivened with the 8 true chai spices.  Add a shot to a warm apple or fruit cider to take the chill off.  Dreamin' also is a marvelous simmer sauce for chicken, especially as the basis for an exotic twist on stir fry.
  • The typical American "Game Day" is almost always about friends and family, food and drink.  BooYAH! Shrubs has put together a limited edition 4 pack of 4oz shrubs ideal for both food enhancement and cocktails, mocktails and healthy  beverage alternatives.  Black Cadillac is a rich blend of peak season black cherries and black raspberries coupled with the warmth of ginger root, Ceylon cinnamon and fresh garden sage.  A magnificent marinade for ribs and red meat!  Or add a shot to bourbon, vodka or gin, or even your red wine.  Knight of the Black Plum marries the black plum to juniper berries, star anise, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger root making for a rich and warm salad dressing or spritzed on warm grains, or for a crusty bread dipping sauce.  Hot tea and gin are both excellent companions!  Light My Fire was designed to mimic cinnamon whiskey.  Enough said.  Not Your Grandma's Apple Pie is an infusion of 4 different apples, turmeric and allspice, gently sweetened with bourbon caramel syrup (non-alcoholic) and HickoryWorks Shag Bark Hickory Syrup.  One heck of a pork or chicken roasting sauce, but for cocktailing, the world is your oyster.  For cocktailing, a 1-to-1 ratio of alcohol to shrub is typical, with a splash of juice or a drop of complimentary bitters.  For shimmering, marinating or roasting, add 1 full bottle to the average 4-person serving size of meat.
  • Included in this limited edition 4-pack is Peaches & Herbs (does anyone remember this R&B couple?) full of peak season peach goodness and fresh garden herbs.  A favorite for salads, as well as tempeh, chicken and pork.  Spiced Red Pear & Turkish Fig brings together a variety of Mediterranean spices lending an exotic flair to warm grains and pairs exceptionally well with lamb (and gin!).  Szechuan Grog couples the traditional fruits found in vintage grog such as oranges, figs and raisins with the warmth of mulling spices, all coming together with the addition of red wine vinegar and Szechuan peppercorns.  BooYAH!'s Warm & Fuzzy has a base of plumcots -- the hybrid of plums and apricots -- infused with balsamic and apple cider vinegars, spiced with cloves and sweetened with date nectar.  Think Worcestershire Sauce for a Queen!  A great rib and red meat marinade or steak sauce, but phenomenal when slightly warmed with crumbled bacon to top off a spinach salad.  Don't forget those slices of hard boiled egg.  Try duck eggs for added richness.
  • Whether in cold and flu season, or battling seasonal allergies, nature has graciously provided us with so many resources for health.  FIRE CIDER is an old folk remedy chock full of ingredients designed to combat harmful bacteria.  Root vegetables, turmeric, citrus fruits, garden herbs and local honey together have a warm and spicy kick.  KNOCK IT OFF, based on the Tibetan medical 3-point philosophy is designed to push back the onset of a cold.  9 spices, herbs and root vegetables are combined with 3 high Vitamin C fruits and lightly sweetened with local honey.  PENICILLIN, humorously based on a cocktail bearing the name, draws together fresh lemons, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger root and local honey.  A sure-thing sinus and throat soother that's also been helping many of BooYAH!'s customers with allergies.   THE ROYAL BLUSH is a complex blend of 7 very high antioxidant berries.
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