Embrace The Chill Limited Edition 4-Pack (4oz each)

Embrace The Chill Limited Edition 4-Pack (4oz each)


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The first crisp days of autumn, the stunning display of color when the leaves are changing, that quiet, beautiful first snow…All good, but inevitably Winter’s doldrums set in.  Take time to remind yourself that this, too, shall pass and embrace the chill.

Now, if you happen to be living in warmer climates, as I did for 20 years, there will be gray days, colder days, rainy days.  These are the days we bake, we drink red wine, we love our sweaters and jackets and close-toed shoes.  You, too, should embrace the chill!

Includes: Lady Apply Toddy Shrub, Cranberry Chocolate Cherry Bomb Shrub, Penicillin Shrub, Poached Pear Shrub

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Hot toddies and winter are hand in wooly glove, this we know.  The Lady Apple proves the adage that good things come in small packages.  These lovely Ladies are small but intense, crisp and juicy, with hints of citrus, sometimes likened to the flavor of dried fruit.  The Lady is a late-season apple and because of its size, festive coloring, and ability to withstand a freeze, Lady is often featured in Christmas wreaths, hence also known as Christmas Apple.

BooYah! specially selected this little gal in making our Lady Apple Toddy Shrub, spicing her disposition with cinnamon and nutmeg and sweetening her with brown sugar.

Added to hot tea provides a warm cheeriness, but if you’re looking for something on the stronger side, 1-2 ounces of this shrub can be combined with 2 ounces of apple brandy and a small pad of unsalted butter, a small amount of water and heated.


Dark chocolate vinegar flavored with fresh cranberries, a hint of natural cherry syrup and the Biblical pistachio, this magnificent shrub is as delicious as it sounds.  We sweeten this shrub with demerara sugar to draw down the tartness of the cranberries and enhance the dark chocolate vinegar.

Something of a “dessert” shrub, it makes a lovely topping for ice cream or oatmeal.

For a nice, but naughty Chocolate Cranberry Martini, mix 2 ounces of vanilla vodka, ½ ounce crème de cacao liqueur (preferably white), ½ ounce dry vermouth and 1 ounce of Cranberry Chocolate Cherry Bomb shrub.  Sip and savor!


No one, but no one, wants to be down with a cold or the flu.  But BooYah! Penicillin Shrub might just put you back to right.  If you’re looking to assist your body in warding off these nasty germs and viruses, an ounce a day taken straight up or mixed with hot tea or club soda, the natural properties of lemon, ginger, cinnamon and honey rally to the rescue.


The partridge in the pear tree of BooYah! Shrubs, we apply red wine vinegar to the fresh pears and season with vanilla bean and fresh ginger root, than sweeten with honey.

Soul-warming and aromatic, this limited edition is a customer-favorite.

Drizzle on warm spice cake with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream and hunker down in your warm woolies and arm chair in front of the fire.  If you aren’t blessed with a fireplace, you can google one.

Or conger up a Poached Pear & Ginger Daiquiri combining 2 ounces of white rum, 1 ounce of Poached Pear Shrub, 1 ounce lime juice, and ½ ounce of simple syrup.  For a more gingery flavor, add a ½ tsp freshly grated ginger

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