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Natural Fruit Syrups

Natural Fruit Syrups Most store-bought syrups, no matter how simple or how exotic the flavor may be, add corn starch, corn syrup or cellulous gum for thickening.  Many also incorporate water, as well [...]

Limited Editions

Limited Editions Inspiration for BooYAH!'s Limited Edition shrubs come to us in any number of ways.  Sometimes they are an offshoot of a flavor combination experienced at a restaurant or recipe.  Sometimes they are [...]

Culinary Enhancers

Honey, It's Amazing - Culinary Enhancers COMING SOON! BooYAH!'s Culinary Enhancers are based on small-batched, hand made dressings or marinades.  Each recipe combines flavor-complimentary oil and vinegar with honey which acts are a natural [...]


Early on in our journey, several customers shared with us the use of our shrubs on salads and veggies, even sandwiches, by way of a midst sprayer.  We loved it! 

Sipping Vinegars

Sipping Vinegars The recorded history of vinegar dates back to 5000BC when the Babylonians and Egyptians used fermented vinegar to make wine.  Somewhere around 2500BC, an ancient nomadic tribe created a soured apple wine, [...]


Shrubs An exclamatory statement, often said when someone is extremely overjoyed. Often people do a hand movement simultaneously as they say “Booyah!” clinching a fist and thrusting the elbow downward vertically.  ( Precisely the [...]