Limited Editions

Inspiration for BooYAH!’s Limited Edition shrubs come to us in any number of ways.  Sometimes they are an offshoot of a flavor combination experienced at a restaurant or recipe.  Sometimes they are inspired by a seasonal craving or memory.  A visit to the Farmers Market or even the neighborhood grocery store brings to mind some fruit, herb or spice that is exciting to “play” with.  And often we are motivated by what is abundant and in-season.

No matter the source of the inspiration, the Limited Editions are small batched and quantities are limited.  Those that prove popular may be reintroduced, providing the availability of the key ingredients.  We are also open to creating special order batches.

Be sure to visit Limited Editions regularly as new concoctions will be appearing.  Also visit our seasonal Limited Edition 4-packs.

We love and thrive on our customers input and exciting usage discoveries and warmly invite you to share.  Find us on Facebook, call or let us know by the direct link provide on our Home Page.