Early on in our journey, several customers shared with us the use of our shrubs on salads and veggies, even sandwiches, by way of a midst sprayer.  We loved it!  But a new twist came about when we visited a local chef to get his input.  We presented one of our varieties in a 2 oz fine midst sprayer bottle and he immediately sprayed the product straight into his mouth and exclaimed, “This is delicious and feels great!”  BOOYAH! knowing well that many of our ingredients freshen breath, hydrate, provide stomach and throat soothing elements, help to suppress appetite, and provide a healthy “pick me up” we decided to offer small, pocket-purse size multi-use spritzers.

Just to reiterate, a “shrub” is an acidulated beverage, meaning the addition of apple cider or other high acidity vinegars, made from the juice of fresh fruit or herbs, sweetened, and sometimes spiced.  A proper shrub has a flavor that’s both tart and sweet so it stimulates the appetite while quenching thirst.

We love and thrive on our customers input and exciting usage discoveries and warmly invite you to share.  Find us on Facebook, call or let us know by the direct link provide on our Home Page.